Viswanathan Anand to endorse NIIT Education Products

NIIT, the global IT services company, has chosen Viswanathan Anand, Chess Grandmaster & World # 2 to be its global brand ambassador to further the brand NIIT as creator of mind champions through its computer education services.

Mr Rajendra S Pawar, Founder & Managing Director NIIT, said, "Anand is one of the greatest sportspersons India has ever produced with an enviable track record in the game of chess, world-wide."

"Through this relationship, Anand, the mind champion himself, will connect up with NIIT, the organisation that brings out mind champions from diverse audiences pursuing different streams of computer education at NIIT. Anand is one of the few globally respected Indian super-achievers who is seen as a role model by the youth and inspires them to bring out their best whether its academics, sports or software," Mr Pawar added. The new relationship will unveil a series of exciting initiatives which will directly touch the lives of Ind Mr Pawar said that NIIT offerings find a fine analogy in Viswanathan Anand and manifest a perfect match between Anand and NIIT because

  • Both are Indian achievers.
  • Like NIIT, which has presence in over 25 countries, Anand is a global player.
  • NIIT has worked with global giants like Sony, IBM and ITC, in much the same way as Anand plays with international grandmasters.
  • With around a million alumni, NIIT is abundantly experienced like Anand.
  • NIIT has special partnerships with technology leaders of the world like Microsoft, Oracle and Computer Associates.

NIIT will present Anand as the role model of Indian boy next door, who went on to conquer the world. NIIT will present its own educational programs as a route through which other Indian youngsters can take on the world.

According to Viswanathan Anand, World # 2 Chess player, Indian software industry has done us all proud with more and more companies around the world looking towards India for outsourcing their software requirements.

Viswanathan Anand said that he is happy to be brand ambassador for NIIT as he saw a lot of similarity between himself, chess and NIIT's unique software and training business synergy. He was impressed by the methodology followed by NIIT's state-of-the-art computer education that has been designed to help different people perform to their fullest potential through different programs.

Anand remarked that not only is NIIT at the forefront of India's IT revolution but is also opening the doors of opportunity to 'hundreds of thousands of my fellow Indians' through its education programs.

Addressing the audience he said, "Chess is more than just a game. It teaches you to concentrate, to think before making a new move, to weigh options, to recognise opportunity and make the best of it, but most importantly, chess teaches you to win. This is what today's competitive world demands from each one us - to be a champion."

About Viswanathan Anand:

Viswanathan Anand, popularly known as "Vishy - the Tiger from Madras" learnt chess at the tender age of six from his mother. His assets, his lightning speed of play and intuition, saw him through as the Youngest National Champion at the age of 16. In 1987 he became the First Asian to win the World Junior Championship. He also earned the coveted Grandmaster title. He carved a special place on the chessboard by winning the strongest tournament at that time, The "Reggio Emilia" in Italy in 1991 ahead of Kasparov and Karpov.

He has been a World Championship challenger in the PCA (New York 1995) & FIDE (1997 Lausanne) cycles. He has the distinction of winning the Strongest knock out tournament in recent chess history in Groningen in December 1997. He has also won the Linares Super Torneo in 1998, the strongest tournament at this point. His other great victories include the Melody Amber tournament (1994 & 1997), the Credit Suisse Masters (1997), Dos Hermanas (1997), Wijk Aan Zee(1998), Torneo de Madrid (1998) and Tilburg (1998). He also has the distinction of winning seven out of nine tournaments participated in 1998. Anand has also won the Strongest Rapid Championship in Frankfurt (1998). He has the distinction of beating the strongest chess program, Fritz in Frankfurt (1998).

Anand is currently rated NUMBER TWO in the World in the rating list of the FIDE. Anand has been awarded many prestigious titles in India like the Arjuna Award, the Padmashri (the youngest recipient of the title), the first recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award, the Soviet Land Nehru award, the BPL Achievers of the World, Sportstar and Sportsworld’s "Sportsman of the year 1995" Award. He was also conferred the prestigious International "Chess Oscars for 1997" by chess journalists from among 55 countries in the world, the only Asian and non-Russian apart from Bobby Fischer to receive the award.

About NIIT:

A diversified global IT services company dealing in software and learning services business, NIIT recorded global revenues of Rs 419 crores for six-month period ending March 31, 1999. NIIT scrip is part of the BSE 30 sensitive index and the S&P CNX NIFTY index. NIIT was conferred the Youth Marketeer 1998 Award by MTV and Brand Equity Youth Marketing Forum in March 1999.

NIIT pioneered the IT education and training business in India in 1982 with a comprehensive range of curricula starting from short and affordable programs for those who simply want to be computer literate; orientation programmes for professionals & students; study programmes for students seeking careers in computers; and programmes in advance computer areas for IT professionals. SWIFT programs from NIIT help the learners to become familiar with computers making them more efficient and competent.

DNIIT program helps make education complete by providing adequate computer exposure to the students. It trains the learners in computers so that they do better in whatever career they choose.

The 4-year GNIIT program helps the learner prepare for an outstanding career in computers. GNIIT is a unique combination of academic learning with one year’s industry training through professional practice (PP). PP is an ingenious integration of theory and practice pioneered by NIIT.

NIIT’s Centre for Advanced Technology Studies (CATS) exposes the IT professionals to latest technology helping them upgrade their skills.

NIIT lays special emphasis on the critical issue of developing trained computer manpower in the country. In a short span of seventeen years, NIIT has expanded its global network of education and training centres and trains 150,000 students and professionals annually. The NIIT training network covers over 750 education centres in close to 20 countries including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Mauritius and USA.

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