Citibank NA - long term agreement with the Indian Olympic Association

In November 1997, TNQ finalised for Citibank a sponsorship agreement with the Indian Olympic Association, through which, Citibank is now an official sponsor of the Indian contingent to the Bangkok Asian Games 1998, the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games 1998 and the Sydney Olympic Games in the year 2000. TNQ has subsequently successfully closed a long term deal, between Citibank and Reebok, through which Reebok  will be the official supplier of athletic gear to the Indian contingents for these three games.

Additionally, as an offshoot of this sponsorship, Citibank has announced the "Citibank Athletic Support Program" through which Citibank will provide funds for training and international competition, to promising Indian athletes.  The Citibank Athletic Support Program is a sponsorship initiative conceived entirely by TNQ and will be executed by TNQ exclusively.