Held in October 2002, the Touchtel Enrico Piperno tennis clinic made Tamil Nadu tennis history by generating 239 participant registrations. To avoid disappointing any children we assessed their tennis ability on Day 1 and divided them into 3 Groups, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. These groups were coached in 1 hour slots from Day 2 onwards. Beginners 4-5 pm, Intermediate 5-6 pm and Advanced 6-7 pm (under floodlights)

Of the 239 registrants between 150 and 180 children attended the clinic on a daily basis. We also had to turn away around 20 children who wanted to participate once the clinic got underway. the reason they were turned away was that we were already beyond our maximum estimated numbers and taking any extra children would have involved a reduction of emphasis on the kids who had taken the trouble to register with us earlier.

Enrico Piperno was assisted by 3 assistant coaches, 3 markers, 12 ball boys, 2 facilitation staff and 4 catering staff every day.

The feedback from both participants and parents has been uniformly positive with all of them asking about subsequent clinics and clinics in other sports.

Registration information on the 239 participants will be used by Bharti Telenet (touchtel) for follow up sales calls.

We can organise similar clinics for any interested client in a sport of your choice across the country. For details e-mail us using the "contact us' link provided at the top of this page

  1. Obtaining annual commitments from the coaching professionals
  2. Obtaining confirmed bookings of venues
  3. Processing of participants
  4. Physically administering each clinic
  5. Maintaining profiles on all participants
  6. Creating and maintaining a relevant web site for the program
  7. Media liaison