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The Concept

The Location

Our site is just east of Kadapakkam, a sleepy village situated just off the ECR (East Coast Road) between Chennai and Pondicherry. What makes our location unique is that it commands a spectacular view over the mouth of the Buckingham Canal. The Buckingham Canal is a 420 km long salt water navigation canal, running parallel to the Coromandel Coast of South India from the Krishna District in Andhra Pradesh to Villupuram District in Tamil Nadu. Kadapakkam is where the canal begins it’s long journey northwards and the water here is blue green and free from any form of pollutants.

The mouth of the Buckingham Canal opens out onto an enormous salt water lagoon, which is pristine, an eco wonderland of birds and marine life and virtually untouched by human habitation. The lagoon is a wonderful location for family picnics and a variety of watersport. Boat trips on the lagoon can be organized every afternoon of the year except during the monsoons.

Just across the Buckingham Canal from Kadapakkam is Alhambara island, from where our project gets it's name.

On Alhambara island, at the point where the lagoon meets the sea, lie the ruins of Alhambara Fort, an ASI (Archaelogical Society of India) protected monument and yet another incredibly scenic attraction in close proximity to our site. Alhambara Fort represents the southern most tip of the Mughal Empire and was used to protect Mughal shipping, sheltering in the lagoon for repairs or provisioning, against any attacks from the sea.

Finally at the seaward end of Alhambara island is the beach itself, absolutely pristine white sand and the blue waters of the Coromandal Coast.

The combination of the waterfront vistas, lagoon access, the historic attraction of Alhambara Fort and the unspoilt beach make “Alhambara” the perfect weekend getaway from the stresses of city life.

The historic ocean front temple town of Mahabalipuram, with it’s world heritage sites, excellent sea food restaurants, curio shops and vibrant tourist scene is just 50 km to the north of our site on the ECR. Pondicherry, with it's laid back lifestyle, Auroville and great restaurants is only 35 km to the south along the same highway.

"The Alhambara" is just an hour and a half drive from Chennai, along the pristine ECR, making it possible to reach paradise after the end of the working week even before the sun sets and be able to leave as late as early Monday morning, to be back at work with time to spare.

The Alhambara site on Google Earth

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